The Disaster Management Act (2002) Amendment of regulations in terms of section 27(2) issued byDr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, on 16 April allows ‘the rendering of emergency repair work’ by electricians.

The ECA(SA) has defined such ‘emergency work’ as follows::

An ‘emergency’ refers to a serious and potentially dangerous or harmful circumstance, which is ordinarily unexpected and requires immediate action to avoid danger to people, animals, property and the environment.

Any electrical work, which when left unrepaired would result in the afore described situation, qualifies as ‘electrical emergency repair’ work in the ordinary understanding of the expression. This can apply to essential services and residential properties with equal force and effect.

The work must be carried out under the control and supervision of a registered person (Single Phase Tester, Installation Electrician or Master Installation Electrician) and only such persons can purchase the required materials and components to carry out the work. Please note that the provisions of the Electrical Installation Regulations, 2009 regarding the requirements to be registered as an electrical contractor and the issuing of Certificates of Compliance when doing emergency repair work will still apply.

In terms of the amended regulations, essential components for such emergency work can be purchased in terms of the Amendment of regulation 11B of the Regulations, which state:

(g) Stores selling hardware products and vehicle components must maintain a register of persons buying essential goods listed in Part A of Annexure B, and must keep a record of a signed declaration, which corresponds substantially with Form 4 of Annexure C by the buyer of goods attesting that the goods are essential goods as defined in the Regulations.

This applies to:

6. Hardware, components and supplies required by any qualified tradespersons solely for the purpose of emergency repairs at residential homes.

7. Hardware, components and supplies required by any entity engaged in the provision of essential services for any project related to the provision of water, electricity or other essential services.

When purchasing such items, Regulation 11 B(1)(g) requires the name, identity number, and contact details of the purchaser who must also declare that the goods are necessary for the rendering of emergency repair work.

All those providing such services must possess the necessary permit to do so.

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