The ECA(SA) is proud of BEKA Schréder, an Associate Member (Manufacturing) for the heart-warming initiative that touched the lives of the small community of Chintsa East, 50 km north-east of East London.

The village of Chintsa East is safer after 160 streetlights were donated and installed by BEKA Schréder

The community feels safer since BEKA Schréder donated and installed 160 ZIYA-E LED streetlights in their village – a gift that changed the lives of all the people in Chintsa East.

Peter Badenhorst, Regional Manager, BEKA Schréder Eastern Cape, says that towards the end of last year, BEKA Schréder approached African Angels, an independent School for disadvantaged children in Chintsa, and asked what the company could do to help the community. 

The answer was an emphatic “street lighting”.

“Sadly, along with the expansion of the village there’s been an increase in crime – mainly at night – and they said that streetlights would help curb the crime and, ultimately, all the residents would be safer,” he explains.

“The entire community was excited about the project – they’d never had streetlights so this has made a huge difference to the community. Now there’s a newfound freedom after dark in the village; the children can play soccer in the streets and the women and children can move about safely.”

160 ZIYA-E LED streetlights have changed the lives of the Chintsa community near East London.

BEKA Schréder locally develops and manufactures energy-efficient LED lighting products and this project was a collaborative project, which also involved the local community, the Great Kei Municipality and Eskom.

“It’s a heart-warming example of how South Africans can work together to make things better for all and we’re very proud to have been involved in this uplifting project that brought light to a community that had been left out in the dark,” concludes Badenhorst. 

You can view the video of the installation here:


More info:           Peter Badenhorst on (043) 726 0493 or p.badenhorst@beka-schreder.co.za

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