A technical meeting for members in the Queenstown district was held at the Queenstown Bowling Club on April 19 and was sponsored by Crabtree and Lukhanji Electrical.

Crabtree’s Sam Hattingh did a presentation on SANS 164-2 and 164-1 socket outlets and the members appreciated the information on the use of these new socket outlets.

The Gas Regulations were discussed as well as the regulations around the retrofitting of fluorescent fittings to LED. A made-up test lead for testing of polarity and earth leakage for the new SANS 164-2 socket outlets was demonstrated as well as a test lead for testing polarity on a dedicated socket outlet. Safety lighting also came under discussion and members were advised to read up on Regulation 7.11.

Members were advised on how to conduct loop and PSC testing of a three-phase installation/point where there are only three phases and an earth present and no neutral.

Members’ complaints included:

  • The large number of ‘fly by night’ operators in Queenstown, and what (if anything) the Department of Labour will do about this situation.
  • The government departments that are using so-called ‘expanded works program’ people to undertake electrical installation and repair work in government buildings, without qualified supervision.

For more information, contact Ellen Mare at the East London office on (043) 726 6359 or email

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