Schneider Electric has launched its mySchneider Electricians Rewards Program in South Africa and is encouraging all electricians to sign up and benefit from its international experience and local assistance.

Schneider Electric makes electricians’ lives even easier by incorporating the rewards program into the mySchneider app, which gives convenience on the go 24|7. Electricians can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and once they’ve downloaded and registered on the app, members can access some of these top features:

  • Access the Schneider Electric catalogue on a device to see the complete range of offers, including public prices, FAQs, documents and more.
  • Register in the app to receive real-time notifications on updated technical documents, product news, and more.
  • Access their rewards profile and check their rewards points balance.

By joining the rewards program, there are 300 points free as a welcome into the program. For the first 500 electricians, who upload their first invoice, there will be a free gift as well as the additional 150 points for loading invoices.

The gift is the Schneider Electric Voltage Detector Pen, which is a compact voltage-testing device, with both audible and visual (bright LED) indication if voltage is present in the circuit. Its AC voltage range is 5…1000 V, frequency range: 50…400 Hz and electrical Insulation: Cat IV, 1000 V.

In just a few seconds, one can determine if it is safe to work around areas such as transformer cases and circuit breaker housings, power ground wires or newly driven ground rods, mobile homes, metallic siding or metal framing pedestals, cross-boxes or conduit, street light fixtures or electrical machinery.

Quick and easy to use, the Rewards Program will save members money, just by purchasing selected Schneider Electric products and uploading the invoices, which will then be converted into cash. Electricians will be rewarded for using products that are best in class and of a high quality and will be first in line for notifications of new product alerts, sales promotions and savings opportunities.

Other benefits will empower members’ businesses to grow, with business development training and a network that provides access to information on the latest products and energy management solutions.

Registered residential and small building electricians will receive mySchneider Electrician Rewards Program points for all approved claims submitted and points received are valid until the end of the second year.

Not only will they be part of a professionally run rewards programme where they can track their progress and growth, they will have access via a direct channel to Schneider Electric from which to give feedback and be heard.

Although the programme is aimed at residential and small electricians, there are benefits for official distributors too, because the programme will drive an increase in traffic through their outlets from which they can solicit up selling of other ancillary products.

Register on the mySchneider Partner Portal today and start earning rewards!

More info:           www.se.com/za.

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