Developed right here in South Africa, TOD is a free-to-download mobile application that allows users to connect with partners using location-based tracking and supplier availability in real time.

This means that everyone can now find reliable electricians, plumbers, locksmiths and handymen and track them to their door using their smartphone. TOD is a 24/7 on-demand service from fully vetted, insured and user-reviewed trade professionals at low, standardised hourly rates and cashless payment.

The process works much like Uber: A customer selects a category, a task and sends out a request to available and waiting partners. The service provider who accepts the job first gets it. TOD is an on-demand mobile application that commits to connecting a client to an available partner in seconds.

Billing and invoicing works through the app, so there is no need to waste valuable working hours on invoicing. Payment is instant and simple via preloaded credit card cards- this guarantees payment. Joining the platform is free and the TOD team handles all marketing to drive business to our trusted partners

All GetTOD electrical contractors have to be registered with the ECA(SA) and this means that ECA members in good standing, whose work is guaranteed by the ECA(SA)’s Guarantee of Workmanship Scheme, become partners in an exclusive electrical alliance. 

“We are extremely excited to partner with the ECA. Our core values are acutely aligned with quality workmanship, excellent customer service and assisting in the governance of the industry within South Africa,” says Adriaan Hugo, Operations Manager at GetTOD. “Together with the ECA(SA), we aim to improve efficiency, eradicate unreliable service and take the industry forward using cutting edge tech and a great customer experience.

The ECA(SA)’s National Director, Mark Mfikoe, says, “Technology has moved and we choose to move along with it to make a difference to the life of the end users. With this service, the paying customer will have access to credible, reliable and accurate problem-solving masters of the trade. We are excited to be on this platform.

“Our members will intervene positively. We guarantee it. ‘Ubernisation’ of services is happening all over the world and those that do not make use of this quick and convenient way of getting services to the paying customer, will be left behind. This app is backed by credible, trusted members of the ECA(SA) in good standing. Please get in touch with our marketing communication manager for details of how to participate.”

The service is currently available in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pretoria with Durban to follow soon.

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To find out more about getTOD, contact: Adriaan Hugo on 084 912 2777 or at email:

Frequently Asked Questions about getTOD

Q:        How does the payment work? 

A:         After the job has been completed and the customer is happy, payment will be made within 72 hours (during office hours).

Q:        How does the quoting work? 

A:         When the service provider arrives at the customer, he quotes the customer via the app and the customer has the choice of approving or declining the quotation.

Q:        How does getTOD make their money? 

A:         getTOD is free to use and only takes a commission on labour when the service provider received work through the app.

Q:        How does quoting for material work? 

A:         Quoting for material also goes through the app, getTOD takes no commission on the material.

Q:        Can I be listed in more than one category? 

A:         Yes, you can.

Q:        Does the app use a lot of battery and data? 

A:         The app uses very little data and medium consumption on your battery when you accept a job.

Q:        Do I have to be qualified to become a service provider? 

A:         For any of the getTOD professional trades, you need to be fully qualified. Electricians have to be members of the Electrical Contractors’ Association (SA).


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