DATE: 27 June 2018

TIME:   08h00 – 16h30

VENUE: Groenkloof Bowling Club, 50 Totius Street, Groenkloof, Pretoria


Mark Mfikoe, National Director, ECA(SA)

Mark Mfikoe, National Director, ECA(SA); co-author of the Electrical Industry Collective Agreement.

Qualifications: BA (UNISA); HED (UNISA); BA Hons (UNISA); Dip. Industrial Relations (CAMDEV); Post Grad. Dip Marketing Management (UNISA); LLB (UNISA).



Stephen Khola, National Labour Relations & HR Director

Stephen Khola, ECA(SA) National Labour Relations Director; co-author of the Electrical Industry Collective Agreement.

Qualifications:  Dip. Labour Law (Graduate Institute of Management and Technology).





This practical workshop will cover:

  1. How to chair a hearing, judge and defend the outcome.
  2. How to prove substantive and procedural fairness in dismissals.
  3. How to deal with an employee who cannot work due to ill health.
  4. How to effect retrenchments that are compliant with the Labour Relations Act.
  5. Instances an employer becomes liable for payment in the case of the death of an employee.
  6. Whether bargaining council registration is compulsory.

Come and listen to the co-authors of the electrical industry’s Main Collective Agreement talk on:

  1. Is a strike possible in the Electrical industry for the next five years? What about a lockout?
  2. How do you determine the wages of an apprentice?
  3. How do you know which stage your apprentice is at?
  4. Which wage area are you in and what does this mean for your business when you operate outside of the area?
  5. What is the difference in the job description of an Elconop 2 and an Elconop 3?
  6. What is the difference between ‘lay-off’ and ‘short time’?
  7. How is a refreshment break regulated? Can an employee leave the site where he is working during such refreshment breaks? Who pays for it?
  8. What is the maximum overtime that we are allowed to work?
  9. Is there a difference between the payment for a public holiday and a Sunday? If an employee earns R10.00 an hour and come to work on Sunday for six hours, how much is he supposed to be paid?
  10. What if he worked the same number of hours on a public holiday?
  11. Is there a possibility that overtime exceeding 15 hours a week can be worked?
  12. Defining night work and how it is paid.
  13. If an employee is on short time, is he entitled to be paid for a public holiday?
  14. Is an employee on lay off permitted to work elsewhere during such period?
  15. How do you pay workers in case of inclement weather?
  16. How do you determine the periods (weekly, monthly, fortnightly) during which wages are paid?
  17. What happens when you pay an employee double by mistake and the money is already in his account?
  18. If you give your employee a salary advance of R5 000 and he earns R1 000 a week, what is the maximum amount you can deduct from his pay?
  19. If you have two Elconops 3, one called ‘Capture’ has been employed by Kapino’s Electrical for 12 years and has recently joined you (two years ago) and you have another Elconop 3 called ‘Gupta’ that has been working for you for six years. They both earn the same amount of money and have worked the same number of shifts, why are their leave pay amounts going to be different? Who will earn more?
  20. Can your male employee take maternity leave?
  21. Can you trade a public holiday for an ordinary day of work?
  22. What are the going concern provisions of the Collective Agreement?
  23. Can you employ an employee on a fixed term contract for a continuous period of more than five months?
  24. How do you make sure that you have procedural fairness?
  25. An employee admits that he stole your cable; under what circumstances would his dismissal be unfair?
  26. Who can dismiss?
  27. What are the employee’s rights?
  28. Punishment for unfair dismissal.

COST:  Members R940; non-members R1 320. This includes the Labour Relations Manual, 2nd Edition; Collective Agreement copy; and a Certificate of Attendance. Tea, coffee, refreshments and lunch are included in the cost.

BOOKINGS: Rika on (012) 342 3358 or email

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