The ECA(SA) Highveld Regional office in Meadowdale, Germiston now undertakes the renewal of electrical contractors’ registration at the Department of Labour on behalf of members, non-members and new Wiremen. The admin fee for this service is currently only R150, however there will be a price increase in 2020. Furthermore, the registration renewal application and supporting documentation may be emailed to the ECA, so there’s no need to apply in person.

To process these applications, the ECA needs:

  • A certified copy of the company’s business registration (CK document), indicating who the owner/member is. If a sole proprietor, please supply letter from bookkeeper to confirm this.
  • A certified copy (or copies) of the registration card(s) of registered person(s); and certified copies of both sides of the Wireman’s Licence. The certification date stamp must not be older than three months.
  • If the registered person is not the owner of the company, the company must submit proof that he/she is still in the employ of the company, such as a valid letter or contract of employment.
  • Electrical contractor and Registered person’s proof of residential address (at which they have resided for at least three months).
  • Copy of previous registration letter.
  • Proof of payment. The applicant’s ‘ECA membership number’ plus ‘DOLREN’ must be used as reference; If not a member please use the ‘company name’ and ‘DOLREN’ as a reference.
  • Please note the cost of registration with the DoL is R120 per year and the ECA’s admin fee is for this service is currently R150 .00; therefore, the cost of registration for three years is R510.

New registrations are submitted to DoL weekly on Thursdays and it takes around two weeks to obtain the registration renewal.

More information:           Angeline Lubbe on 010 271 0686


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