Schneider Electric has developed an online portal to help residential electricians manage and grow their businesses. Residential electricians are electricians who conduct electrical work on wiring devices (plug sockets, light switches) and distribution boards (circuit breakers), as well as wiring and lighting in the home.

The company’s Partner Portal for electricians features a host of online tools designed to make projects and jobs easier and, it also serves as a network which provides access to information on the latest products and energy management solutions.

“We are very excited about the impact that this platform will have, not just on the businesses of South African electricians, but on the economy, as a whole,” says Antony Junius, Building Business Unit Schneider Electric.

The easy-to-use platform provides detailed resources for the efficient running of an electrician business. It includes sections on business development such as: Promoting My Business, Grow My Business, Finance My Business, My Business Partners and I am a New Electrician. Additional categories include: Quote and Plan; Finding Products; Electrical Installation Guide; and Technical Support.

Online training courses are designed for all types of electrical businesses and are continually refreshed to keep up with any industry changes, such as product and regulatory developments.

“The key objective now is to ensure that we work with the various stakeholders in South Africa’s electrical engineering industry to ensure maximum uptake,” Junius said.

He concludes by stating that Schneider Electric wants every single electrician from the small, medium-sized to large enterprise operators to not only be registered and engaged with the site but to also connect with each other.

The Partner Portal is an innovative stride towards the skills development and empowerment of electricians in South Africa. In the build-up to the 2010 World Cup the country was faced with a dire shortage of skilled electricians in the construction of the various stadia, thus thousands of skilled artisans comprising mainly of electricians were imported from abroad to provide their trade.

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