There are two fundamental choices to make when selecting a professional solar lighting solution: an imported product; or a locally manufactured product. Many South African installers forget that local is lekker. BEKA Schréder – one of this country’s largest outdoor luminaire manufacturers – has a thorough understanding of this continent’s harsh climate and provides optimal off-grid solutions in solar modules, batteries and LED design. The choice, then, is simple – for long-lasting, reliable solar lighting for African conditions, choose local.


SOL-ONE, an all-in-one LED solar-powered lighting system

BEKA Schréder has launched the latest product in its solar lighting range – the SOL-ONE. It is an all-in-one, plug-and-play LED solar-powered lighting system and it’s an all-purpose system engineered for use in all geographic locations in Africa. The SOL-ONE can also be used for a wide range of applications, which include: small pedestrian walkways; rural, residential or minor roads; perimeter lighting and other such applications where the most important factor is to have minimum light. The aluminium, hot-dipped galvanised, UV-resistant polycarbonate body of the SOL-ONE system ensures long lifetime and unsurpassed reliability. The smart energy management system incorporated in the SOL-ONE luminaire has been designed to guarantee sufficient light for up to two overcast or rainy days. It has an integrated motion sensor that ensures the battery capacity is preserved for prolonged operation. The choice of battery, solar technology and design methodology make the SOL-ONE a solar luminaire of choice, providing low-maintenance operation for seven years.

Not only is the SOL-ONE solar lighting system aesthetically pleasing and outstanding quality, it is also light in weight and, because it’s plug-and-play, it’s also easy to install.


New and improved BEKA SOLAR

In addition to the SOL-ONE, the BEKA SOLAR has been upgraded with a new and improved look and design. It is easy to install with an aesthetically pleasing solar box. The BEKA SOLAR is a stand-alone solar street lighting solution, a complete offering consisting of three primary components: solar panels, an efficient LED street light, and a pole-mounted solar box (including the battery and intelligent charging and control device).

The design of the BEKA SOLAR takes cognisance of Africa’s particular conditions by:

  • Providing the right combination of solar panel, battery and LED luminaire for the appropriate location;
  • Allowing sufficient dirt depreciation on the solar panels, since dirt reduces the solar panel efficiency and thus causes premature light failures;
  • Providing reliable batteries with sufficient battery capacity. This, and the use of smart electronic controllers, provide the right charging and discharging profile to increase the batteries’ lifetime, while utilising maximum power generated by the solar module;
  • Providing theft-resistant battery boxes and solar panel frames;
  • Providing battery boxes, which reduce heat build-up therefore providing good operating conditions for batteries.
  • Using high-quality materials: The mast and luminaire bracket are manufactured from hot-dipped galvanised, mild steel. The battery housing is manufactured from powder-coated and e-coated mild steel and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) to withstand even the harshest coastal conditions.

The advantages of LED combined with the energy efficiency of solar power result in effective, low-maintenance and energy-efficient lighting that is specifically suitable for roads in off-grid areas.

BEKA Schréder’s bestselling South African designed and manufactured LEDlume street light, supplied with the solar unit, is a high-performance luminaire manufactured from marine grade aluminium.

BEKA Schréder’s OptiPower device, an optional extra, reduces the power consumption during low peak periods, enabling even higher lighting levels during active periods. With the LEDs’ expected minimum lifetime of 100 000 hours (L70), the LEDlume ensures reduced maintenance costs, whilst increasing operational reliability.

The BEKA SOLAR package is available up to 80 W LED power, providing reliable high light output over a 12- to 14-hour period, with sufficient autonomy to cater for up to three continuous overcast or rainy days, without compromising its reliable night-time operation.

More info:           Daniel Kasper on +27 (0)11 238 0000




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