“They’re so reliable. I’ve noticed that some other companies don’t provide prepaid sub-meters or solutions that are as reliable, and they don’t pay as close attention to quality and resolving customer problems, either.” – Pride Rugwete, electrical contractor and businessman.

In 2020, Pride Rugwete installed more than 850 Citiq Prepaid sub-meters between June and November. In six months, he achieved the remarkable because of his commitment to customer service and to installing quality solutions that deliver reliable results. For Pride, this growth in his business can be credited to two very clear factors: ethical customer care, and his relationship with Citiq Prepaid.

Area of expertise

“I’ve always specialised in prepaid sub-metering solution installations – I do other work, of course, but this is one of my areas of expertise,” says Pride. “I realised that people needed prepaid sub-metering solutions, especially reliable ones, to minimise issues with supply and to regain tighter control over payments. This counts for both tenants and for landlords – they all want to reduce fraud and expenses.”

Pride saw a gap in the market and went for it, using his skills as a contractor to build a company that delivered reliable prepaid sub-metering solutions to the market. At first, he used a variety of different prepaid sub-metering solutions, but then he ended up sticking with Citiq Prepaid.

“After one of my regular suppliers closed down, I asked around to find out which company was the best suited to replace them,” he said. “Everyone recommended Citiq Prepaid, not only because they’re reliable and have quality meters, but because they offer ongoing support to customers and contractors. They are also ethical in how they work with contractors and customers – there are no hidden terms and conditions, everything is clear and understandable from the outset.”

Ideal choice

For Pride’s customers, his choice of sub-metering solution was ideal. Over the years, he’s had good feedback about how well the call centre works and how there is always someone there to help.

“People often don’t know who to call when they experience a problem with their prepaid sub-meter,” he concludes. “Then they sit on hold for ages, waiting for someone to assist them. With Citiq Prepaid, they know exactly who to call and they don’t endure lengthy waiting times. It makes such a difference to their experiences as users – my customers trust my choice of prepaid sub-metering solution.”

Pride works closely with customers to ensure that installations are aligned with what people need and use products that are designed to the highest possible quality standards. He is committed to delivering exceptional service alongside quality solutions and this commitment has delivered extraordinary results. Pride is a member of the Citiq Installation Club (CIC) and continues to benefit from his close, collaborative partnership with the leading prepaid sub-metering company.

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