Fluke’s PQ400 gives access to the critical power quality and energy data, decreasing testing time and maintaining safety. Comtest says Fluke’s new PQ400 Electrical Measurement Window enables the connection of three-phase measurement equipment to energised panels, without the need to open the panel door, or wear supplemental personal protective equipment (PPE).

  • Reduce the risk of arc-flash and electrocution, while increasing the safety for personnel.
  • Decrease maintenance costs and reduce downtime by making critical power quality and energy measurements without opening the panel door, enabling logging and monitoring at any time – without disrupting operations.
  • Reduce work permit requirements and processes by reducing the hazards associated with taking measurements on open panels, saving time and effort.
  • Increase measurement efficiency and reduce the need for arc-flash PPE1, saving time, increasing efficiency and increasing operator comfort.
  • 1Comply with local and national safety codes. Use personal protective equipment (approved rubber gloves, face protection, and flame-resistant clothes) to prevent shock and arc blast injury where hazardous live conductors are exposed. 

Key features

  • Permanently connected voltage and current sensors located inside the electrical panel. allows for power quality and energy measurements using the external access points without opening the panel door, reducing operator risk.
  • Voltage and current connections for three-phase voltages, neutral and ground cover most measurement scenarios.
  • Automatic probe detection for Fluke 1740 and 1730 series power quality and energy loggers and compatible clamps, eliminates the need to open cabinet to check the clamp model.
  • Full 360 degree rotation allows the PQ400 window to be oriented in any direction.
  • CAT IV, 600V and CATIII 1,000V rating according to IEC61010-2-30.
  • Compatibility with standard 4mm shrouded safety-socket voltage test leads makes it easier to make voltage connections, increases safety by reducing the risk of accidently touching live electrical components, and reduces the need for purchasing specialized voltage leads.

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