Major Tech’s ever-popular range of digital clamp meters have been upgraded to include more features, a stylish new look and all models are now True RMS. With all the added benefits, Major Tech has ensured that these new clamp meters are available at the same price as the previous version. Even the MT720 is now packed full of features and comes standard with inrush current and a variable frequency drive (VFD) function.

The top-of-the-range MT777 has had a complete remodel to ensure users get the best product with the most technology. The MT777 is now CAT IV 600V with a 6000 count TFT (Thin-film Transistor) LCD display. It has data logging with Trend Capture as well as Bluetooth 4.0 technology that allows measurements to be transfers to IOS and Android devices.

To top all this, Major Tech is introducing a new open jaw clamp meter, the MT715, that can measure 200A AC, 1000 V AC/DC, has CAT IV 600V safety rating and comes with a 2000 count display.

Upgrades to each product in the range are:

MT720: Added inrush current, temperature, capacitance measurement, and VFD function.

MT723: Added inrush current, temperature, capacitance measurement and VFD function.

MT730: Added inrush current measurement and VFD function.

MT770: Upgraded safety to CAT IV 600 V, added inrush current measurement and VFD function.

MT775: Upgraded to measure DC Amps, upgraded safety to CAT IV 600V, added inrush current measurement and VFD function.

MT777: Upgraded with the new TFT display, Bluetooth connectivity, data logging with trend capture, safety upgraded to CAT IV 600 V and added VFD function.

More info:          Werner Grobbelaar on +27 (0)11 822 1551

Email:                  sales@major-tech.com

Website:             www.major-tech.com

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