Climate change is a reality – there is no doubt about that. Plastic, mercury and toxic chemicals carelessly discarded over decades are now taking their toll on our fragile world.

Rhodam Evans, product manager at Major Tech says we all need to take care of the environment and it’s everyone’s responsibility. Recycling is great but it isn’t enough, we have to switch to a cleaner, greener lifestyle. Many people are already aware of the increasing pressure being placed on the environment and have implemented daily steps to minimise their ecological footprint but, says Evans, many people are unaware of the available technology that we can use to reduce our carbon footprint.

Major Tech’s range of LED lighting gives consumers bright new possibilities and cost-effective solutions. “The future of lighting is the LED way,” he says. In the past, the uptake of LED lights was slow because there was a lack of information about LEDs and they were perceived as being too expensive.

“It’s understandable that, in tough economic times, many consumers have to watch their spending and while many go for the cheapest option, this is usually ‘penny-wise, pound foolish’.

“Although LEDs are slightly more expensive, they last a very long time and are energy efficient – so, in the end, are more cost effective.”

Evans says that over the past few years, as LED technology has evolved and improved, the price of LED lights has dropped drastically and they have become more affordable. “LEDs can be seen as a long-term investment and they’re a wise choice because they’re kind to the environment as they’re energy-efficient and don’t contain mercury or other poisonous substances.

“For smart homeowners and property developers who want to be financially prudent while helping to keep the environment clean and green, the choice is clear …”

He says that Major Tech offers a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial products so improving lighting can be quite effortless. “Replacing your current bulbs with LEDs is “as easy as changing a light bulb”. Major Tech produces a range of retrofit lamps that will fit right into your existing lamp sockets so that you can start saving money immediately. In most cases, you can retrofit a like-for-like LED bulb with the same base fitting as well as similar shape and light output – but with a very long life and reduced maintenance.”

LED features include:

  • Low power consumption and a long life of around 25 000 hours.
  • 240° light beam angle for all over illumination.
  • Reduced labour and maintenance costs.
  • Easy to install.
  • Available in warm white 3 000 K and cool white 6 000 K.

Enquiries: +27 11 872 5500

Email:  sales@major-tech.com

Website: www.major-tech.com


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