HellermannTyton has revolutionised the portable instrument market by introducing the new Jupiter, a multifunction multimeter. The Jupiter is the first multimeter to incorporate multiple functions that were only available in individual standard electrical safety testers and professional high-end multimeters – and all this in a portable, compact housing suitable for rugged conditions. Furthermore, the Jupiter compares each measurement with the limits provided by the standards to give a clear ‘OK’ or ‘NOT OK’ result.

The Jupiter acts as a four-in-one compliance tester giving the user four of the six compulsory tests’ results required: earth leakage, loop impedance, voltage and phase rotation tester.

Earth leakage/Residual-current device RCD) tripping time and current

  • Measures the tripping time of residual-current devices, types A and AC up to 300 mA and the tripping current of RCDs type AC up to 30 mA (RAMP test).
  • AUTO function display shows all six consecutive tests (x1/2, x1, x2, x5, 0°, 180°) for a full RCD check.
  • Shows an unequivocal response ‘OK’ or ‘NOT OK’.

Line (loop) impedance and non-trip earth ground resistance

  • In TT systems it measures the non-trip earth ground resistance.
  • Identifies incorrect connections on the protection cable, detects dangerous voltages on the metal masses and keeps the contact voltage under constant control.
  • Measures the Line-to-Neutral, Line-to-Line and Line-to-Ground impedance and calculates the prospective short-circuit/fault current.

Harmonics and THD%.

  • Measures voltage and current harmonics showing both numeric and percentage terms.
  • Measures the THDV%, and the THDI%.
  • The H20 (Higher Harmonic Ordering) function sorts harmonics showing highest values first, so you can easily size filters and protection.

Current measurement

  • Measures DC, AC TRMS, AC+DC TRMS current by means of external transducer up to 3 000 A
  • With the optional transducer HT96U leakage current can be measured.
  • Select the time base to measure the dynamic inrush current of motors and loads (DIRC function).

Additional features

  • AC/DC voltage up to 690 V with LoZ input.
  • Automatic polarity indication.
  • One-lead phase sequence detection.
  • Earth ground resistance L-N, L-L, L-E.
  • Low impedance voltage input to eliminate ghost voltage readings.
  • 6 000 counts.
  • CATIV 600.
  • Two-year warranty.

The Jupiter allows electricians to complete their work quicker, safer and with less tools on site. The multimeter also includes a quick-release battery compartment and two test lead holders on the back for easy two-hand testing.

The Jupiter is the precursor to a range of new products from HellermannTyton, notably the Mercury (due for release in January 2019) and the Neptune.

More info:           +27 (0)11 879 6600

Email:                    jhb.sales@hellermann.co.za

Website:          www.HellermannTyton.co.za


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