Launched in 2018 as part of Citiq Prepaid’s vision to empower contractors, wholesalers and retailers, the Citiq Installation Club (CIC) has successfully been rewarding contractors for recommending and installing Citiq Prepaid sub-meters. In addition to a points-based voucher system that rewards for meter installations, the CIC also connects preferred contractors to customers so that they can grow their businesses with new customers

Citiq Prepaid has invested in a variety of different tools, solutions and platforms that are designed to support the electrical contractor and their customers. The company is now launching an online portal dedicated to the electrical contractor that provides them with resources and articles to support, upskill and expand their business.

For those showing interest in this industry, Citiq Prepaid has developed a comprehensive online guide to becoming an electrical contractor – from obtaining a Wireman’s License to getting your DOL – that not only focuses on the technical and regulatory aspects, but on marketing and sales. For established contractors there are downloadable materials to inform clients about the benefits of prepaid sub-meters, promote their installation business and Citiq Prepaid’s quality meters.

Citiq Prepaid is committed to providing electrical contractors with a solid foundation for growth and the chance to expand their business and their skill sets. Citiq Prepaid also created the Pocketbook for Installers (a printed technical guide available at reputable electrical wholesalers) and works closely with some of South Africa’s most promising electrical contractors and companies to help them expand their markets and their potential.

“You want to provide the kind of service and support that you would expect to receive from industry leaders,” says Carel Scheepers, General Manager: Sales. “This is why we launched the contractor portal for CIC members: to support you as you grow your business and build your customer base.”

The company prides itself in being transparent about their fees by ensuring there are no hidden costs in their agreements with landlords. They charge no connection fee, and no monthly fixed fee. “We believe that prepaid sub-metering should be easy, accessible and convenient,” concludes Scheepers. “This can be seen in our online platforms, high-quality sub-meters, and ongoing investment into intelligent solutions that help installers build profitable businesses.”

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