There are two words that are struggling to be heard amidst the chaos and mayhem of 2020 – trust and transparency. They are in short supply as economies battle with the weight of the pandemic and businesses struggle to find their feet, and everyone is looking out for themselves. However, they are also two words that can define a company and can ultimately ensure that it builds customer relationships that are long-term and collaborative and profitable.

“Trust is something that anyone can build,” says Carel Scheepers, General Manager: Sales at Citiq Prepaid. “It’s not a rare commodity that only the rarefied few can cultivate. It’s a quality that any contractor can embed into their business and their customer approaches. And it goes hand in hand with transparency. If people feel that they have visibility into a process or a business, then they feel they can trust what it offers and establish a long-term relationship.”

The more trust a customer has in you and your business, the longer the relationship will last and the more likely it will be that they will recommend you to other people, to new customers. Word of mouth was briefly thought to be out of date when digital and social took over, but today most business owners know that it is the de facto standard by which business success is measured. If you get referrals from customers, you’re doing it right.

Citiq Prepaid has embedded both trust and transparency into the very foundations of the business. The Citiq Prepaid sub-meters are designed to be robust and reliable so that utilities are always managed perfectly. Tenants pay as they go for power and water, landlords or managing agents are paid on time so they can manage the municipality equally perfectly. An online system provides both with insight into usage, meter management and payment options so that everything is always above board.

“We understand the hardware, the recharge outlets, the admin, the logistics, and the requirements of this market,” concludes Scheepers. “We work with our customers to ensure that they receive exceptional support and reliable utility service from the outset. Thanks to our transparency and commitment to building trust with every contractor, we provide you with solutions that help you build trust and transparency with your customers, and support you in taking your business from strength to strength.”

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