While the renewable energy sector offers numerous exciting new opportunities for emerging businesses, it is only those with an unwavering focus on quality and compliance and do business with integrity that will be sustainable in the long term, maintains Svilen Voychev, the Managing Director of Valsa Trading.

Svilen Voychev, Managing Director, Valsa Trading.

“During our 12-years of operation we’ve seen numerous new service providers enter the market, with varying degrees of success. It is those who refuse to make compromises when it comes to quality and who take compliance seriously that remain in business and have grown to become successful and sustainable operations,” he says.

Valsa Trading is a successful turnkey solutions provider in the renewable energy sector. To succeed in the renewable energy sector, says Svilen, businesses need to ensure that they deliver excellence on all fronts. “Make sure you prioritise quality in your product choices, installation, operations and maintenance.”

He points out that a cheaper or counterfeit product is unlikely to offer the same efficiency as a higher quality product. “The risk of using an unsuitable product is that the system’s efficiency is compromised and there is little value provided for the initial saving. Ultimately, this could also negatively impact the installer’s reputation, particularly if something goes wrong.”

In a similar vein, using quality products but installing them incorrectly is equally problematic, he reveals. “In the same way that a counterfeit product impacts system efficiency and longevity, so too will poor installation. Poor quality installations result in sub-par performance, non-compliance of the installation, and in some cases, a complete system failure. Maintenance costs tend to increase exponentially when you have chosen the wrong products and not installed them correctly.”

If the bulk of your revenue is being spent on maintenance, not only are you negatively impacting your business’s reputation but you will rapidly become an unsustainable business, he warns.

Earlier this year Valsa Trading launched a cash-back voucher campaign aimed at improving the capabilities of solar energy installers. Valsa, which services PV solar installers, resellers and EPC companies with a comprehensive range of PV solar products and is the number one mounting manufacturer in South Africa, initiated the campaign as a way of paying it forward, offering its customers the opportunity to acquire high-quality tools which they may not otherwise have been able to invest in.

Valsa has been careful to stock only the best quality and value-for-money products. The company has been agents for Makita and HellermanTyton products for some time already, and recently added the Livoltek range of inverters to its extensive portfolio.

“Energy supply is the backbone of our country’s economy, and the growth of the renewable energy sector offers a wealth of opportunities for those businesses who take themselves seriously and take pride in what they do. Ultimately, integrity in this industry will breed profitability,” concludes Svilen.

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