Electrical equipment can pose a significant, even a life-threatening risk to people when mishandled, installed incorrectly or not maintained properly. Many electrical contractors are tasked with installations, repairs and modification of electrical systems, but fail to inspect their work according to SANS standards once completed.

As specified in SANS 10142-1: 2020, section 5.2.3, “People, animals and property shall be protected against harmful earth fault currents by protective measures….” This safety standard ensures that in the event of a fault, the protective device opens the circuit and protects the user against the fault and any potential harm.

It is therefore imperative for contractors to ensure their workmanship is up to standard and that the protective device is, in fact, in good working order. Apart from a good earth connection, a working or earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) device is required by law to ensure the user’s safety. To ensure that this crucial part of the installation is working correctly, the contractor / registered person or any competent person needs to test it with a reliable earth leakage tester.

Major Tech’s upgraded MT310 Earth Leakage Tester is a compact, lightweight, and easy to use socket polarity and earth leakage tester that tests three-wire 230 V AC circuits and earth leakage circuit breakers. A unique feature in this new version of the tester is the AC Voltage indication on the LCD display. It also features an adjustable milli-amp (mA) trip setting with a separate test button. The unit can be set from 10 mA (used for testing saturation and to eliminate nuisance tripping) to 35 mA.

The meter is supplied in a durable double injection-moulded rubber housing, which protects it from the knocks and bangs of everyday use.

The MT310 socket ELCB tester ensures the electrician of correct wiring in residential or industrial applications in accordance with SANS 10142 and the bright neon indicator assists the user in confirming the wiring status of the circuit under test. Simply plug the MT310 into a wall socket and the results are clearly displayed. For additional user safety, the MT310 is rated CAT IV 300 V and CAT III 600 V.

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