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The January/February issue of SA Electrical Contractor – powered by the ECA(SA) – is another great read for everyone in the electrical industry. ECA members will find all the latest Association news in ‘Regional Round Up’ where the ECA(SA)’s regional directors report on activities and achievements in the Western Cape, South/East Cape, Free State and N.Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, Highveld and Bosveld (Pretoria).

In the cover story,  Trevor Manas, National Director of the Earthing and Lighting Protection Association (ELPA), says the Association aims to assist with providing industry accreditations, certification, benchmarks for quality of design and installation, as well as information and education on lightning safety. “We have already held two successful sets of certification exams for lightning protection installers, and will now be introducing accreditations for electricians who carry out surge protection installations. This new programme will cover the proper selection, coordination and installation of surge protection devices (SPDs) to power supply systems, and we believe that electricians will gain extremely valuable guidance in this part of their scope of works.”

Shantonette Pillay, KZN Regional Director, discusses the rights of employers when it comes to polygraph testing; and what rights employees have when instructed to undergo such a test.

There’s another great ‘cool tools’ feature and lighting installers will find Dr Mathinus Smit’s article on electro-magnetic interference most informative.

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