ECA(SA) National Director, Mark Mfikoe (left) with the Schneider Electric team and (far right) Johnny Cunniff, President of the ECA(SA).


The National Development Plan aims to address several socio-economic issues; at the heart of these are poverty and unemployment. There has been a call for the rebirth of artisans and the global energy management specialist, Schneider Electric, has been making it a point to answer the call.

Rooted deep within Schneider Electric is a shared desire to create access to education and promote practical training of electrical artisans. On 6 September 2017, the Schneider Electric team, led by Antony Junius and Chris Neethling, visited the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) in Meadowdale, Germiston, to hand over a variety of circuit breakers and accessories that the ECA will use to train and develop apprentice electricians in its training centre.

“There are various incredible ventures that artisans can look forward to as Schneider Electric has also implemented a program focused specifically on Electricians. We will be working on building strategic partnerships with organisations such as the ECA where we donate much needed supplies and equipment to help address the knowledge and practical training gaps in the industry.” Neethling said.

The national operations director of the ECA, Mark Mfikoe, received the donated products on behalf of the organisation. “The ECA has the heavy burden of teaching and reinforcing industry best practice, especially in relation to safety,” explains Mfikoe. “New and leading products allow our members to be at the forefront of innovation, which has a positive effect on end users i.e. the public. One of the biggest issues we find is affordability and access to education and with this donation we are able to reassign resources and allow eight or more learners, who would have ordinarily not had the opportunity, to join our training programme at no cost, thereby promoting access to training for people.”

Schneider Electric has established a network of French South African Schneider Electric Education centres (F’SASEC) in partnership with the Schneider Electric Foundation, the French Ministry of Education as well as various South African tertiary educational institutions. The focus is to promote skills development and offer practical training for electrical artisans and the F’SASEC is indicative of Schneider Electric’s commitment to create access to education for electrical artisans.

Schneider Electric used the opportunity to display its world-class online electrician’s Partner Portal. When joining the Partner Portal, the electrician gets digital access to handy tools and resources to help boost business, which includes online tools, catalogues, technical documentation and price lists; Schneider Electric special offers and promotions; and access to numerous training and e-learning modules.

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