The Annual General Meeting of the ECA(SA) will be held on 24 November 2017 at 13h00 at 91 Newton Road, Meadowdale Ext 2,Germiston, 1401


1.       Notice convening the meeting.

2.       Notices and announcements.

3.       Apologies.

4.       Confirmation of minutes: To confirm the minutes of the 67th National Annual General Meeting of the Association.

5.       Matters arising from the minutes.

6.       Finance

6.1   Approval of the audited financial statements of the Association for the

year ended 30 June 2017.

6.2   To appoint auditors for the following year.

7.       President’s report: To receive the report of the President, Johnny Cunniff.

8.       Election of office bearers.

To elect the national office bearers for the ensuing year in terms of clause 9.2€ of the Association’s constitution.

The current office bearers are as follows:

President:                           Johnny Cunniff

First vice-president:        Giel Labuschagne

Second vice-president:  Graham Clarke

In terms of clause 9.1(a) of the constitution, the office bearers shall hold office for at least one year, and no more than two years, at each level. Nominations have been called for all the positions from the regions in terms of clause 9.2(d), and must be delivered to the office of the National Director prior to the AGM.

9.       Any other business.

10. Closure.

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