20 October 2020

Dear Members

As you are aware, the Association is due to hold its Annual General Meeting on 20 November 2020. Amongst the duties that the AGM has, is the election of Office Bearers. This is to be done in terms of Clause 9.2 of the Constitution.

You are reminded of the provisions of clause 9.2(d) of the Constitution which states as follows:

The nominations for the positions of President, First Vice-President and Second Vice President shall be in writing, signed by the proposer and seconder, both of whom shall be serving members of a Regional Executive Committee.

Each nominee must consent to the nomination in writing. The nominations, together with the necessary consent, must be delivered to the office of the National Director not less than 14 (fourteen) days prior to the National Annual General Meeting.

Copies of all nominations will be circulated by the National Director to all Regional Directors by e-mail not less than 10 (ten) days prior to the National Annual General Meeting.

The names of prospective candidates for election shall be forwarded to the regions for information 10 (ten) days prior to such Annual General Meeting.

Mark Mfikoe

ECA(SA) National Director

BA(Unisa), HED(Unin), BA Hons (Unisa), Dip.Industrial Relations (CAMDEV) Post Grad. Dip Marketing Management (Unisa), LLB (Unisa)

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