Major Tech has once again launched its Watch Promotion along with price cuts on a broad range of electrical instruments. Not only can electricians and contractors in the electrical field save when buying instruments from Major Tech, but they are also in line to receive a brand new digital sports watch at no cost.


The watch is designed for active users and is water resistant to 30 metres. All customers have to do, is buy one of the Major Tech instruments with a ‘Watch Promotion’ sticker on it, enter the unique promotion number on the label along with the purchase details at, and their new watch will be couriered to them within a few days.

Lower price

Representatives have already visited wholesalers and distributors to attach promotion stickers to the relevant instruments these Major Tech partners already have in stock, ready for end-users to purchase the latest in electrical instruments from their regular supplier – at a lower price while also receiving a trendy watch.


The various devices included in the promotion include a broad range of clamp meters, multimeters, various other meters, analysers and testers, multi-function devices as well as thermal imagers and infrared thermometers. All the instruments on promotion are identifiable by the Watch Promotion sticker on the boxes, as well as never-to-be-repeated prices for the duration of the promotion – which ends on 31 December 2019.

Collector’s piece

Werner Grobbelaar, Major Tech’s General Manager explains that the company runs this promotion every two to three years as a way to thank the industry for its support. The Major Tech watch has become something of a collector’s piece over the years and many people are still using their watches from 2016, and some are still wearing their 2013 watches. Some long-term customers even have a collection of Major Tech watches from previous promotions.

It couldn’t be simpler: all electricians and contractors need to do is buy an instrument on the eight-page promotion list, identifiable by the Watch Promotion sticker on the box, send the unique number to Major Tech, and their watch will be couriered to them within a few days. The promotion will run until the end of 2019.

To find out which products are on the promotion simply go to

The link to claim your sports watch is

More info:       +27 (0)11 822 1551



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