A beautiful house with beautiful appliances and décor is everybody’s dream. However, even the most luxurious homes have electrical outlets and switches that were designed last century without a thought as to how they look.

The Veti range of electrical products from Major Tech, has been created by South Africans for South Africans to the highest quality standards, and with the aim of providing optimal performance along with affordable yet elegant design to enhance the look-and-feel of any room.

Veti provides all you need – from distribution boards and circuit breakers to switches, sockets and lights; and, to avoid the need for adaptors, Veti products are offered as complete and modular units, ready to install.

Major Tech has designed two ranges of Veti products:

The Veti 1 range

The Veti 1 range has an ultra-modern, rounded design with modular solutions for the more creative spaces in your home. The rounded, angled design ensures you can plug in all your devices without space restrictions. For example, a large three-pin plug will not prevent you from installing a two-pin plug right next to it.

While the modular and complete units’ trims are offered in black or white, the cover plates are offered in six interchangeable colours:

White – a classic matte white.

Cream – a Tiramisu matte finish (Tiramisu is a Dulux colour that could be described as a combination of cream and beige; an example can be found at https://www.dulux.co.za/en/colour-palettes/tiramisu).

Champaign – an elegant Champaign with a gloss finish.

Silver – a gloss amalgamation of aluminium and silver.

Bronze – a distinctive bronze with a gloss finish.

Gun metal – a metallic gun metal with a gloss finish.

Additional features

Each switch has the option to include either an indicator lamp or a location lamp. The location lamp emits a soft blue light to assist people locate the switches at night, while the indicator lamps display whether the power is switched on or not.

The Veti 1 range also includes an Omni-Cluster product that allows for multiple modules to be clustered together to form a single, integrated unit. Up to eight modules can be combined into a single device that fits perfectly into your environment.

The range includes a series of Power Towers – electrical units that are recessed into a counter or desk and, when needed, the tower is pulled up and the plugs attached. A unique feature of Veti’s Power Towers is that they can descend into a desk or counter even when some or all the plugs are attached, with only the cables extruding.

Veti also offers surface-mounted and corner units which are positioned neatly on tables and counters, either in a row, a block or in a corner where they are easily accessible.

The Veti 2 range

Complementing the Veti 1 range is the Veti 2 range with a design that offers simplicity and usability.

A first in the industry, the patented Major Tech design accommodates a switched socket with one standard RSA socket (the old three-pin plug), two V-slim sockets (the new SA three-pin standard), and two USB ports providing a cumulative 2.1 Amps for charging and running USB-powered devices.

Available in white and charcoal, the Veti 2 range provides users with an ultra-slim socket that keeps it flush with the wall. The switch itself is also flat, whether in the ‘on’ or ‘off’ position, underpinning the luxurious design of the entire range.

More info:           086 162 5678

Email:                    sales@veti.co.za

Website:              www.veti.co.za

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