The first fully-radiometric infrared cameras with software plug-ins to deliver continuous temperature monitoring for research, science and engineering applications

For precise research, science, and engineering applications, just seeing heat is not enough, it needs to be measured and analysed as well. Comtest now offers the new Fluke RSE300 and RSE600 Infrared Cameras, the first fully-radiometric, fixed-mount cameras with advanced features including software plug-ins to easily analyse thermal data.

Detailed monitoring

The RSE300 and RSE600 cameras continuously stream up to 60 frames of data per second, allowing for detailed monitoring of temperature patterns and variances. SmartView desktop software is included and allows users to remotely focus the camera, auto-capture images, adjust level and span, and analyse infrared videos frame-by-frame. The software also makes it easy to edit images, generate customised reports, and export images to multiple formats to share thermal data.


More RSE300 / RSE600 features are:

  • Improved thermal analysis — thermal data from the infrared cameras can be pulled directly into MATLAB and LabVIEW, allowing users to statistically analyse and trend information.
  • Identify heat build-up and dissipation — the cameras capture up to 640 x 480 resolution thermal/radiometric images and video to continuously identify heat build-up, as heat management becomes a priority in product development and testing.
  • Test and troubleshoot — the cameras give users the flexibility to strategically mount the unit anywhere there is an electrical connection, remotely focus the camera, and transmit data and images to PC. Semi-fix the cameras to set up easily repeatable thermal experiments to troubleshoot and improve first pass quality.

These rugged cameras are IP65 rated so they can be mounted outside in harsh environments. There are optional 2x and 4x telephoto, wide, and macro lenses to customise for any measurement application. An optional mounting bracket is also available for camera use at workstations.

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