There are many good reasons for precise industrial labelling: it improves safety by helping to locate safety equipment quickly; it improves efficiency by tracking maintenance tasks; it improves organisation in warehouses and storage areas; and piping and wiring can easily be tracked from source to destination.

  • Tracking maintenance tasks

When you need to ensure that machines or vehicles are being properly and timeously serviced and rosters on sites are getting lost or worse, not being completed, there is a DYMO solution – and it’s as simple as printing a barcode on a DYMO labeller, which can be scanned to track timeous maintenance.

  • Locating safety equipment

Most people don’t really think about where safety equipment is unless there is a drill or an actual emergency. DYMO labels help to cut the response time in an emergency and may even save a life.

  • Improved organisation

DYMO industrial labelling solutions will improve organisation and increase efficiency in warehouses and storage areas.

  • Pipe and wiring labels

DYMO heat shrink tubes make crossed wires a thing of the past.  With DYMO, piping and wiring can easily be tracked from source to destination.

  • Training and safety awareness

DYMO industrial labelling assists training facilitators by providing safety solutions – such as information about policies and procedures as well as warnings – which ensure that staff (especially new employees) are made aware of vital information about their safety and well-being.


The DYMO Rhino Industrial Labelling range is designed to suit any surface and any environment because the labels are tough and jobsite tested. In addition, quality thermal transfer printing means that labels won’t smudge, smear or fade.

Dymo carries a broad assortment of labels available in various colours, materials and widths that meet IEC 60950-1 2013 standards.

Quick and easy

All DYMO industrial labels are generated from an easy-to-load cartridge, and the innovative split-back design makes peeling and applying quick and easy. DYMO Industrial labels get labelling jobs done fast and done right – the first time.

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