Brother label printers produce labels that help you comply with the identification requirements of the electrical labelling regulations. Here are six good reasons for labelling electrical components properly:

  • Identification

Leave your work clearly and neatly labelled. Use a Brother P-touch label printer to create labels for cables and cabling, wires, fuse boxes, faceplates, distribution boards and consumer units. Brother labels are also ideal for warning and hazard signs, bus duct risers and electrical trunking and conduits.

You can also create labels that contain your contact details (including company logo on the PT-E550WVP, to help guarantee work in the future.

  • Connectivity

Simplify the installation of cables by attaching a Brother durable label to each end of the wire. This helps ensure connections are made correctly and minimises the time taken for troubleshooting and fault-finding if there are problems. By using Brother genuine tapes in your P-touch label printer, you can be assured that the labels you create will be legible and stay attached for years to come.

  • Compliance

The Brother P-touch PT-E550WVP in conjunction with the Cable Label Tool app for Apple and Android devices allows the creation of labels that meet many of the identification requirements of the electrical regulations. And the strong adhesive tapes meet the Underwriters Laboratories UL-969 standards, while the heat-shrink tube tape meets UL-224 standards.

  • Maintenance

Any follow-up visits for maintenance or testing are made easier thanks to clearly labelled faceplates, panels, cables and wires, conduits and machinery.

  • Hazards

Ensuring hazards are identified and appropriate signage applied is a critical. The P-touch PT-E550WVP with its large 24 mm tape width produces text that’s easy-to-read and, by using yellow or red coloured tape, signs are highly visible.

  • Public Safety Information

Print highly visible general warning signs on demand, wherever and whenever required. Brother fluorescent yellow and orange labels, which can be used to warn of potential danger, can be printed and applied immediately to an area of concern.

Choose the right label for the job

Brother has developed a range of tapes using special materials and adhesives for cable wrapping, heat shrink tubes, use on rough surfaces and tamper-evident labels. Brother developed its durable laminated label technology way back in 1988 and since then, countless customers have trusted Brother labels for all their labelling needs.

As text is protected by a clear plastic overcoat, users are ensured that labels will stand the test of time, wherever they are placed.

Ensure that labels are seen and stay attached by choosing the right Brother TZe tape cassette from the range. From fluorescent tapes for safety signs and important notices, to strong adhesive labels for attaching to rough surfaces.

Flexi-ID tapes are developed with a special adhesive that’s specifically designed for the labelling and identification of cables and other cylindrical objects with a small diameter. The label can be attached in two ways:

Wrap – place the label on the cable, then wrap over itself several times.

Flag – place the cable across the centre of the label. Bring both halves together, creating a flag label.

Strong adhesive tapes are perfect for when more adhesive power is required compared with our standard tapes. Designed for use on rough or textured surfaces, this label is designed to remain in place. Some damage to the surface it is applied to may occur if removed, due to the superior sticking power.

Heat shrink tube tapes identify cables before termination by slipping the printed tube over the cable, then using a heat gun to shrink and grip the tube around the cable.

Fluorescent tapes are available in bright yellow and orange; these highly visible tape cassettes ensure important safety information or instructions are highlighted.

Metallic tapes provide a premium looking tape that’s ideal for creating rating plates for machinery or to leave your company name and contact details on distribution boards or other installations.

Security tape is a tamper-evident tape that, once removed, leaves a checkerboard pattern that destroys the tape. This stops the label being re-applied.

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