2018 was a special year for Paarl Boys’ High School, which celebrated its 150th anniversary and, as part of this celebration, top-of-the range BEKA Schréder LED floodlighting was installed at the school’s new Astro hockey field.

Located at the foot of Paarl Mountain in the Western Cape, the school – which was established in 1868 – is one of the oldest in South Africa. Although it’s steeped in tradition, the school embraced energy-saving LED technology for its new hockey field build project.  BEKA Schréder’s recently launched OMNIblast-E was selected to achieve the required illuminance on the field and a combination of OMNIblast-E-1 and OMNIblast-E-2 LED floodlights was installed.  

Instant strike

LED technology enables instant strike when the floodlights are switched on and the floodlights can easily be dimmed to the required lighting levels using DALI controls. Three switching stages were set: Stage 1 at 75 Lux, Stage 2 at 150 Lux, and Stage 3 at 350 Lux. The biggest advantage of using DALI for dimming in this application, is that the high uniformity level remains at dimming stages, as opposed to switching luminaires off to reduce light levels but compromising uniformity. In addition, using DALI dimmable control gear results in even further energy savings that this technology already provides when compared to traditional light sources. Other benefits include prolonged LED lifetime and no maintenance.

Efficiency and flexibility

The locally manufactured OMNIblast-E is the ideal tool for sports venues and other very large area applications that require a lighting solution with the highest efficiency and flexibility to adapt to the different lighting needs. Available in three sizes, this new LED lighting solution offers an alternative with proven benefits for traditional fixtures fitted with 600 W to 2000 W HID lamps.

Modular concept

A modular concept of optical units means that one, two, or three modules can be mounted on a similar bracket arrangement to offer the utmost versatility, providing light distributions and lumen packages perfectly adapted to the specifications of the area to be lit. The OMNIblast-E incorporates a patented cooling technology that maximises its lifespan and lumen output.

Suits local conditions

BEKA Schréder locally develops and manufactures energy-efficient LED lighting products, designed to suit local conditions. BEKA Schréder is proud to be associated with Paarl Boys’ High School and Eimac Consulting Engineers in providing a successful floodlighting solution for this prestigious project.

A video showing this striking installation can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/6fJ-pHT1s_k

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