The MT900 is a precision cable length meter from Major Tech that uses Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) to measure the length of a cable which has at least two insulated metallic elements, such as the cable’s sheath or shield. The meter supports both BNC and RJ45 connections.

TDR analysis occurs when an energy pulse is propagated into the cable and the energy reflected back is observed and measured. The meter analyses the returned data and will provide an accurate measurement of the length of the cable, or the length to a point of interference (such as a cable break or short-circuit).

The meter is equipped with a 2.4-inch TFT colour screen on which the readings are displayed. The meter can be used on power, telephone, CAT V and LAN cables, and it automatically adjusts to the cable type detected. The technician is also able to use the function selection keys to more accurately match the cable being tested.

The meter includes a Cable Library of 20 standard cable types, while users can store up to 99 custom cable types in the memory of the MT900 to suit their specific work environment. Setting up and using the meter is made simple through the user-friendly function menu which allows one to adjust the settings, choose which cable type is being measured and so forth. The unit of length measurement can also be set by the user to either metres or feet.

The velocity of propagation (VOP) is similarly measured according to the type of cable being tested after the user enters the length of the cable. The VOP indicates how fast a signal travels by measuring the speed of the transmitted signal as compared to the speed of light.

The length of cable that can be measured by the MT900 starts at 5 metres and the maximum length depends on the VOP of the cable being tested. It can be as long as 3 km where the VOP is 99%, while for a VOP of 50% or lower, a range of about 1.5 km is possible.

The system also supports auto power off after a user-determined period of inactivity in order to save battery power. The MT900 is powered by two 1.5V LR6 batteries. When the battery symbol turns red, the user should replace the batteries, or the accuracy of the measurements could be affected.

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