Selecting the right switches, sockets and other modules of a stylish wall-mounted socket is easier than ever with Veti’s updated app. Named Veti Studio, the new app is available at no cost on both Android and iOS devices.

The Veti Studio app allows anyone, from architects to engineers, interior designers and homeowners to specify and design their wall-mounted power, electronic, data and lighting control modules on site and in real time. The app has been designed for ease of use, allowing anyone to select the monoblock or modular modules with the specific modules and style they prefer.

Using it for the first time will take the user through a quick demonstration of how to use the app and release their creativity. Additionally, the app includes a number of instructions on the screen to guide you through the whole process. You can choose your own personalised combinations, colours and layouts for every room.

Making use of the latest technology available in mobile devices, Veti Studio offers an Augmented Reality (AR) option, which allows customers to use their mobile camera to see their finished products where they intend to install them. Simply point your mobile device’s camera at the wall, adjust the size of the design you created, and you can see exactly what the finished installation will look like.

If your solution does not look as good as you thought it would, simply go back and change the modules or colours until the solution fits perfectly. Users can then save their design via the ‘My List’ option, and even go back and build additional modules for the rest of your house or business.

End with a bill of quantities

When you have specified everything to your satisfaction, the app will generate a bill of quantities according to everything on the list, including the product number, price per component and the total cost. Even at this stage, the user can add or delete modules from their list, or even delete the list completely.

Making use of the communications capabilities within today’s mobile devices, the list can then be exported via email, WhatsApp or any application on your device in the form of a spreadsheet. It’s as simple as sharing a picture with friends. Sending the spreadsheet to your installer will allow them to order the correct modules from Major Tech.

Specify onsite and in real time

Veti Studio is not simply a list of products, it allows homeowners to design their wall-mounted solutions to their own exacting standards. The AR function allows users to see exactly how their designs will look in real life, change colours and modules until they are perfect.

In cases where modules should not be used together, such as putting a communications port next to an electrical socket, the app will warn you that this could be an unwise option. Of course, the customer is always right and the user can decide whether to change the design or not.

Architects and consultants can also reduce the time it takes to design solutions for clients since it can be done in real time while at the customer’s premises. The customer can sign it off immediately and the bill of quantities is sent to the relevant parties with the knowledge that the desired products are in stock and their exact prices.

The free Veti Studio app puts the overall ambiance of a home back in the hands of the people who matter, the homeowner, making it simple to get the style you want and the quality you expect from the Veti brand.

Here’s how it works, step by step:

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Step 2
Step 3
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Step 5
Step 6
Step 7

More info:           086 162 5678

Website:              www.veti.co.za

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