A digital multimeter is used to measure electrical values, such as voltage, current and resistance when troubleshooting or maintaining an electrical distribution, or HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and other equipment. Often, when looking to identify a problem, technicians also use a thermal imager to spot differences in the temperature within components of the equipment.

The MT2005 True-RMS Thermal Multimeter

The MT2005 is a True-RMS Thermal Multimeter from Major Tech that integrates the two into one instrument. The MT2005 allows the user to non-invasively scan for heat anomalies with the thermal scanner, and then switch to multimeter mode, select the test you want to run, attach the leads and let the device do its work.

The MT2005 has a 2.8-inch TFT colour display, which provides clear thermal images at a resolution of 80 x 80 pixels and at a frequency of 50Hz. It is able to differentiate temperatures between -20 oC and 260 oC. A variety of measurements can be taken by the instrument, including AC and DC voltage (in volts) and current (in amps), as well as well as resistance (in ohms), frequency and more.

The MT2005 includes Bluetooth for wireless communications with a smartphone. Once users have installed the Thermview+ app for Android or iOS, readings and thermal photos taken from the instrument can be quickly transferred to the smartphone, where they can be stored for future reference. Alternatively, data can be stored on an SD card in the MT2005.

The instrument is rated IP65, which means it is protected against ingress from dust and water. It is certified CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1 000V according to the IEC 61010-1 safety standard. It runs off a 7.4 V rechargeable 1 500 m Ah Li-Ion battery. The user may set the device to power off after a set period of inactivity to save battery life.

Major Tech also supplies a range of probes and leads that can be used with the MT2005, as well as a hard carrying-case to protect the instrument in transit.

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