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Enel Green Power / MAASA Photovoltaic Skills Training Courses: 2017 ROUND 6

Enel Green Power is a multinational energy group based in Italy and is a leading integrated player in energy markets within Europe and Latin America and now also based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

In order to prepare the South African retail market, Enel Green Power has – jointly with the Master Artisan Academy SA – developed three skills programmes for PV Rooftop installations. This will support Enel Green Power’s intention of developing a national franchising network.

These skills programmes initiated by Enel Green Power and licensed by Enel University, and delivered by the Master Artisan Academy SA, will be offered free of charge to all qualifying participants.

Participants need a basic knowledge of electricity to qualify to attend these courses.

Please note that each delegate may ONLY attend one course per round.



PV Installer: Orange Farm (29 May to 2 June)

PV Installer: Vereeniging (5 to 9 June)

PV Installer: Midrand (12 to 15 June)

PV Installer: Modderfontein (3 to 7 July)

PV Installer: Montana (19 to 23 June)

PV Installer: Garsfontein (26 to 30 June)

Business & Sales Enterprise Development: Montana (19 to 23 June)


  1. Complete the enrolment form. To get an enrolment form send an email to Margo at and Margo will forward you the enrolment form.
  2. Once registered, you will receive confirmation of booking and date of course allocated.
  3. Details of the training venue and other course details will then be sent to you closer to the training dates.

Placement in specific courses is subject to availability of seats. Complete your registration form today to secure your place as seats are VERY limited this round.

Please take note that the listed dates may change without prior notice. Should this be the case, the new dates will be communicated via email

Should you require any further assistance contact Margo Thompson, Academic Registrar, MSC Artisan Academy, E-mail:

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