The ECA’s East London office is moving from The Master Artisan Academy’s premises to 20 Suffolk Road in Berea, East London during the week of 11 January 2021, says Pieter du Toit, Regional Director for the East South Cape.

“Ellen Maré, who is the office administrator in East London, has been working from home during the lockdown period but we are very excited to move to the new offices. The East London branch serves a large area of the region and because we sell the majority of CoCs and SANS codes as well as other documentation to both members and non-members and handle a multitude of queries it really requires that we have an office that is easy to find and easy to access … and with enough space,” he says. “Whilst the previous offices served our needs, the space was becoming a problem and we decided to make the move. We are grateful to the kind people from MAASA who accommodated the East London office for a long time,” says Pieter.

For more information about ECA membership, CoCs, contractor registration or dates of members’ meetings, contact Ellen Maré at the East London office on (043) 726-6359 on weekdays from 8am to 4.30pm.

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