By Mark Mfikoe, National Director, ECA(SA)

The Electrical Contractors Association is proud to announce that we have gained capacity to help our members diversify their service offering with Electric Fencing as an offer to clients. The Energy and Water Sector Education and Training Authority (EWSETA) has given the ECA(SA) accreditation for Electrical Fence Training.

This training will teach you and your employees, amongst others:

(i)                  How to install electric fencing.

(ii)                Relevant inspection and testing of a single-phase domestic installation.

(iii)               Appropriate testing and inspection of three-phase industrial/commercial installations.

(iv)               Configuration of an installation.

(v)                Determination of installation requirements, which will give you and your employees full understanding of electric fencing as well as the related Certificate of Compliance (CoC).

The ECA(SA) is accredited to conduct this training until 2022.

We have started with training in earnest response to the needs of the industry. This is an opportunity for  members to offer clients an extra service and access another source of income for their businesses. In tough economic times, when domestic and business security is of paramount importance, being able to contribute to the security of your clients and doing business whilst at it, can only be good for your business and may help your business grow and survive tough economic conditions.  However, while you probably can do very little about the midnight cabinet reshuffle, you can find new clients – and new money – for your business. Your existing clients do not have to use another supplier for this service and, at the ECA(SA), we believe clients are much more likely to trust his/her trusted electrical contractor to do an electric fence installation than another person, who may do the electrical installation but cannot issue the related CoC.

For the first time in our history as the ECA(SA), we now provide you with the resource to help you install compliant electric fences, backed by accredited training. Make use of this opportunity and enter this market. You will bring into this industry the same values that you have displayed as a trusted electrical contractor. As members of the ECA(SA) this training is available to you at discounted rates. We offer this course to non-members at competitive rates as well because our motive remains skills transfer and expansion of the skill base of the Republic.

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