The advantages to ALL electrical contractors with an ECA(SA) membership are so great – and disproportionate to any outlay – that it is high time that we do everything we can to bring those advantages home.

If you are not a member, why?

From technical support, to labour dispute resolution, to workmanship guarantees…the list goes on and on.

What contractor working alone, or with the support of an Elconop or two, could miss the advantages of contracts gained, when your customers see how well you and they are backed by your membership of the ECA- unique among SA trade associations – existing as it does through Department of Labour regulations.

To the public Why compromise everything?

And the public must ask why any electrical contractor bidding for its work isn’t a member? There are no good reasons, and time spent figuring that out is time wasted. Members of the ECA(SA) in good standing are contractors you can trust. NO ONE CAN INSTALL SOLAR PV SYSTEMS WITHOUT BEING A QUALIFIED ELECTRICAL INSTALLER or MASTER ELECTRICAL INSTALLER. Just like all other electrical installations. There IS no other qualification and ONLY the ECA have the training centres, and the QCTO accreditation that guarantees the certainty of the ECA(SA)’s comprehensive backing. Read more here.

Why compromise?

Message to the public: protect yourself, protect your family, protect your home: demand your contractor be an ECA member

Certificates of Compliance (CoCs) are another key reason to choose ONLY ECA(SA) members to sign off on any installation work or inspection. Ensure that your inspections are done by members… here to find the articles that will make sure you know what gives a CoC the standing that gives it value.

Simpler yet: ask your contractor if they are a member. If they aren’t, one thing IS for certain: the coverage you assumed you had is now a bed of uncertainty.

When it comes to electrical installations, we are talking about lives; we are talking about the safety of you family; we are talking about the insurance, assurance, and wisdom of making sure your most valuable investment – your home – does not go up in smoke. And if that worst thing should happen – making sure your electrical installer and inspector is a member of the ECA(SA) is the smartest – IT IS THE ONLY – guarantee you can give yourself that all the years, dedication, hard work (and premiums) ACTUALLY pay.

Contact the ECA(SA) now: | Tel: 011 392 0000

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