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The Electrical Contractors’ Association (SA)


The ECA(SA) is an employers’ organisation registered in terms of the Labour Relations Act and has represented South African electrical contractors since 1948. The ECA(SA) has a membership network of around 3 000 electrical contractors, which employs more than 75% of the workforce employed within the electrical contracting industry.


 National office

Johannesburg   (011) 392 0000         

Regional offices

Highveld              (010) 271 0686         

Pretoria                (012) 342 3242         

Durban                 (031) 312 6313         

Bloemfontein    (051) 447 0859         

Port Elizabeth    (041) 363 1990         

East London       (043) 726 6359         

Cape Town          (021) 462 2690         

NATIONAL HELP DESK    087 944 4555



The Electrical Contractors’ Association of South Africa backs the skills and qualifications of its members as well as their capacity to deliver compliant work. To this end, the ECA(SA) has a Workmanship Guarantee Scheme on which clients can rely in the unlikely event that a member delivers work that falls short of the statutory standard. This guarantee funds any remedial work up to R20 000 in instances where an ECA(SA) member’s work has been found to be not in compliance with the installation code. End-users can be assured that ECA(SA) members are committed to providing compliant service and that they subscribe to good practices. In the event that the member’s work is not compliant, and the end-user brings this to the attention of the ECA(SA), the Workmanship Guarantee Scheme kicks in to rectify the work.

What is covered?

The ECA(SA)’s Workmanship Guarantee Scheme covers work that does not comply with the Installation Code as well as compliance with the clients’ written specifications to the extent that such specifications are not in conflict with the Code.  The Workmanship Guarantee Scheme covers alterations, extensions, repairs, new installations and maintenance to the value of R20 000. The works must have been handed over, the client must have paid the member contractor and the Certificate of Compliance relating to the installation, where applicable, must have been completed and handed over to the client.

With this back-up, there is peace of mind and comfort in employing the services of a qualified, experienced and properly registered member of the ECA(SA) – the home of your trusted electrical contractors.

Further terms and conditions that apply to the Workmanship Guarantee Scheme may be obtained from any of the ECA(SA) regional offices.

More information:               All ECA(SA) regional offices or


The ECA(SA) represents members on the National Bargaining Council for the Electrical Industry and the Board of Trustees of the Electrical Industry Pension and Provident Funds. Members receive numerous other labour-related benefits that include:

  • Access to the ECA(SA)’s labour experts to address immediate labour matters, for example, providing guidance and advice on the electrical industry’s Collective Agreement and related labour legislation.
  • Handling of disciplinary hearings; assisting with retrenchments; and representing members in conciliation and arbitration disputes at the National Bargaining Council for the Electrical Industry and at the CCMA.
  • Assisting members with rescission applications and, where deemed expedient, review applications at the Labour Court.
  • Negotiating terms and conditions of employment within the electrical industry.

More information:              

Linden Bowes on (031) 3126313 or


Providing training is one of the ECA(SA)’s key areas of expertise. The training division provides the following services:

  • Skills development facilitation and submission of statutory training returns: Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR).
  • Registration of apprenticeship contracts with the Sector Education Training Authorities.
  • Free practical apprenticeship under the CETA Training Contract.
  • Subsidised technical training, seminars and workshops on the Code of Practice for the Wiring of Premises (SANS 10142-1) and the Certificate of Compliance (CoC) issued under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
  • Management training for employers and administrative staff, which includes:
    • Tendering and estimating.
    • Business administration.
    • Contract documentation.
    • Labour legislation and Labour relations.
    • Code of Practice.
    • Occupational Health and Safety and Management of Construction Safety.
  • The ECA(SA) provides a two-day practical evaluation of candidates to attain artisan status.
  • Members are assisted with applications to the Department of Labour for qualification as a registered person, such as Single Phase Tester, Installation Electrician and Master Installation Electrician.
  • Refresher courses to prepare students for final assessment (trade test).
  • Training on Modules 0 – 6 for Construction Electricians.

More information:              

Angie Mkhomazi on (011) 392 0000 or

William Maraba at (011) 392 0000 or


  • Publication and update of annual compilation of actual labour costs.
  • Publication and update of annual ECA(SA) Schedule of Hourly Charge Out Rates.
  • Revision of composition and weightings of Contract Price Adjustment Provisions (CPAP) indices for Work Groups 160 and 162 as published monthly under Statistical Release P0151 by STATS SA.
  • Representing members at forums where contractual conditions for electrical sub-contractors are negotiated and revised in consultation with other stakeholders in the Industry, such as the Joint Building Contracts Technical Committee; the Joint Practice Committees of Master Builders South Africa; and Contract Price Adjustment Provisions Committee.
  • Assist members with the interpretation of clauses in contract documents, calculation of escalation claims and settlement of contractual disputes.
  • Training of members on contractual matters.
  • Preparation of advisory notes to members.
  • Circulate tender information and requests for quotations to members as and when received from principal contractors, clients and professional parties.

More information:              

Pieter du Toit on (041) 363 1990 or


As an employers’ organisation in the electrical construction industry, one of the major services provided by the ECA(SA) is in the technical field of operations. To this end, the ECA(SA) represents the industry on a number of SABS committees, the most significant being the SANS 10142-1 committee that oversees the wiring of electrical installations. The ECA(SA)’s presence on this committee means that members have access to accurate and relevant information. The ECA(SA)’s Technical Support and Advice Helpdesk service provides telephonic advice on matters related to SANS 10142-1 as well as assistance to ECA(SA) members on site. Additionally, the ECA(SA) assists members with support and advice on the Electrical Installation Regulations and related parts of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

More information:              

Johnny Cunniff at (012) 342 3455 or

Anthony Schewitz on (011) 392 0000 or

All ECA(SA) regional offices or


  • Free subscription to the ECA(SA)’s electronic newsletter, Wired, published twice a month; and the ECA’s electronic magazine, SA Electrical Contractor, which is published six times a year.
  • An Application for Progress of Payment form. Many contractors find this form useful and Consulting Engineers/Architects/Quantity Surveyors are familiar with them.
  • An electronic copy of the Main Agreement from the National Bargaining Council of the Electrical Industry. This is the ‘Bible’ of all employers in the electrical industry.
  • A Workmanship Guarantee booklet. Members are encouraged to attach these leaflets to all quotations and tenders. These leaflets are available from all regional offices.
  • An electronic example of an ECA quotation. A quotation book is sold to ECA members (price on request). The book has 50 pages and forms are in triplicate.
  • An electronic copy of the ECA Tender and Agreement form for small works.
  • An electronic copy of the ECA(SA) logo, which can be copied onto members’ stationery. The ECA logo is promoted to commerce, industry and homeowners and members are encouraged to use this logo, and to make their membership of the ECA(SA) known to clients.
  • An electronic copy of the Electrical Machinery Regulations; the Construction Regulations; the OHS Act Registration Requirements; the Electrical Installation Regulations; and the Joint Building Contracts Committee (JBCC) Contractual guidelines.
  • ECA decals that members may affix to company vehicles are freely available at all ECA offices.
  • ECA Schedule of Rates for Electricians is available on Excel. This schedule is of considerable assistance and most consulting engineers are familiar with it.
  • ECA-branded corporate clothing (for sale).
  • SANS 10142-1 available at a reduced price for members.
  • Circulars advising of available courses and seminars, changes in regulations, and other information of interest to electrical contractors.
  • Access to the Members Only section on the ECA’s website

 More information:              

All ECA(SA) regional offices or


  • ECA CoCs with unique numbers in packs of 20 for ECA(SA) members and non-members are available from all ECA(SA) offices. Prices on request.
  • Electronic CoCs (e-CoCs) available in packs of 60 for members only from all ECA(SA) offices. Prices on request.
  • Electric Fence CoCs are available from all ECA offices. Prices on request.

 More information:               All ECA(SA) regional offices


Inaugurated in 2011, the ECA(SA)’s annual Presidential Excellence Awards is a celebration of exceptional workmanship and professionalism within the electrical industry, showcasing the excellent achievements of member organisations. The awards have become an industry benchmark to which others can aspire.

An awards banquet is held in November every year when the electrical industry’s top achievers are presented with awards in various categories:

1. Installation of the Year – Industrial

2. Installation of the Year – Residential (housing – all sizes)

3. Installation of the Year – Residential (complexes, apartment blocks and townhouses)

4. Installation of the Year – Office blocks

5. Installation of the Year – Hotels and Hospitals

6. Installation of the Year – Retail and Shopping Centres

7. Reticulation Contractor of the Year

8. National Safety Award

9. Apprentice of the Year (Male | Female | Overall Apprentice of the Year)

10. Women-Owned Business of the Year

11. Special Innovative Projects Award

12. Apprentice Host Employer of the Year

13. Alternative Energy Supply Farm of the Year

14. PV Installation of the Year – Commercial Properties

15. PV Installation of the Year – Domestic Properties

The entries for the Annual Presidential Excellence Awards are adjudicated by a panel of esteemed judges who are specialists in their fields and who are drawn from the electrical, engineering and construction sectors.

Various sponsorship opportunities are available.

 More information:              

Theresa Magalane (011) 392 0000 or

Nicholas McDiarmid (072) 472 0634 or

Tebogo Modise (011) 392 0000 or


Golf days are held during the year in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town where associate members can sponsor holes and four-balls. All the money raised at the golf days is donated to various charities. A National Golf Day takes place in Johannesburg in November each year around the time of the ECA(SA) Annual General Meeting.

More information:              

Theresa Magalane (011) 392 0000 or

All ECA(SA) regional offices or


91 Newton Road, Meadowdale Ext.2, GERMISTON 1401

P O Box 9683, EDENGLEN 1613

Tel: (011) 392 0000

Fax: (011) 974 9402


National Director: Mark Mfikoe



91 Newton Road, Meadowdale Ext.2, GERMISTON 1401

P O Box 9683, EDENGLEN 1613

Tel: (010) 271 0686


Regional Director: Anthony Schewitz


Technical Adviser: Anthony Schewitz (Stand-in pending the appointment of a suitable candidate).


1074 Francis Baard Street, Hatfield, PRETORIA 0002

P O Box 12011, HATFIELD, 0028

Tel: (012) 342 3242 / 3358

Fax: (012) 342 3455


Regional Director: Johnny Cunniff



Regus-Durban Country Club101 Isaiah Ntshangase Road, Stamfordhill, Durban, 4001

P O Box 47453, GREYVILLE, 4023

Tel: (031) 312 6313

Fax: (031) 312 0851


Regional Director: Linden Bowes



Unit 10, Brydon Business Park, 3 Third Avenue, Newton Park, 6001 PORT ELIZABETH

Tel: (041) 363 1990

Fax: (086) 604 8683


Regional Director: Pieter du Toit



Office No. 2, 20 Suffolk Road, Berea, EAST LONDON 5241

Tel (043) 726 6359


Regional Director: Pieter du Toit



8 Protea Street, Old East End, BLOEMFONTEIN 9301

P O Box 42012, FALCKVLEI, 9331

Tel: (051) 447 0859

Fax: (051) 430 2355


Technical Assistance:

Labour Assistance:


46 New Market Street, CAPE TOWN 8001

P O Box 2960, CAPE TOWN, 8000

Tel: (021) 462 2690

Fax: (021) 465 6319


Regional Director: Darryl Whitaker