For many years, the ECA(SA) has been providing the electrical contracting industry with legal blank Certificate of Compliance (CoC) forms combined with the test report forms– in hard copy and electronic format. Both formats are legal, obviously provided that the forms are duly completed and signed by the registered person. This new format is approved for immediate use, but the previous version may be used in parallel for a period of twelve months, therefor either version is valid until June 2021.

The requirements are found in the Electrical Installation Regulations of 2009.

In the regulations, the definition of ‘certificate of compliance’ means:

  • A certificate with a unique number obtainable from the chief inspector or a person appointed by the chief inspector, in the form of Annexure 1 and issued by a registered person in respect of an electrical installation or part of an electrical installation …

And Regulation 7 states:

7. (1) Subject to the provisions of subregulation (3), every user or lessor of an electrical installation, as the case may be, shall have a valid certificate of compliance for that installation in the form of Annexure 1, which shall be accompanied by a test report in the format approved by the chief inspector, in respect of every such electrical installation.

Annexure 1: (It must contain the relevant information.)

The format of the test report as it appears in the SANS 10142-1, is the approved one, as below:

With the publication of third Edition of the SANS 10142-1 on 23 July 2020, the test report has been revised to the extent that it can now fit on a single A4 sheet.

Resultantly the CoC form has now been revised from the previous four (A4) pages to two.

More info: Contact your closest ECA(SA) regional office or the National Call Centre on 087 944 4555

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